General practitioner, dentist, paediatrician and gynaecologist treat the poor

Experts, who are familiar with the general medical care of the Greek population, report of a continuously worsening of the situation. They declare that “health services can only be provided with significant personal contributions – a hurdle, which for large parts of the population has become unsurmountable” (Doctors of the World). In particular people at the so-called ‘fringes of society’ are frightened to deal with authorities or official contacts. As a result, they try to help themselves or they delay treatment with often disastrous consequences.

Here, our wortundtat partner provides various medical facilities. A general practitioner examines homeless and poor people or refugees; he prescribes medication and monitors the healing process. Since 2015, a dentist has been treating adults and children for free. A gynaecologist and a paediatrician come to the centre for refugee women for several hours each week. After fleeing their countries, which often took many months, the health of many refugees is in a very poor state.

Making hygiene easier with showers and washing machines

Apart from doctors’ surgeries, both of Hellenic Ministries’Social Diaconic Centres provide shower and washing facilities as well as some washing machines. That way, also those who are living on the street or in temporary accommodation without bathroom are able to keep themselves and their clothes clean. And those, who cannot afford warm water or electricity for the washing machine, can get help here too.