Education & Sustainability

Educational offers for the sustainable development of young people

In particular for young people, education is the key to the self-responsible creation of their own life. This also applies to Greece where unemployment among young people is worryingly high and many young people remain dependent on their parents. To give people, who are not integrated in society, the chance to participate in it in the future, educational offers are important, but hardly exist.

Hellenic Ministries offers refugee children and children from a Roma settlement at the outskirts of Athens basic lessons: reading, writing and some maths – in addition, the basics in English and Greek to give them a chance to find their way in the foreign country. However, so far the educational offers for refugee children are not yet sufficient.

Apart from that, helpers want to get the Roma children ready for regular school attendances. Many of them do not go to school because they worry about or even have experienced exclusion. At the same time, many Roma children are not able to concentrate on “normal” lessons and to appropriately follow teachers’ instructions. The educational and school preparatory course by Hellenic Ministries helps these children to get ready for regular lessons.