Country in crisis: Help for the homeless, refugees and outsiders

Euro crisis, over indebtedness, high unemployment – Greece has been faced with enormous tasks for years. To name some problems, which directly affect the population: more than 17 percent of employable Greeks do not have a job (6/2019). And of hundred young people, nearly 40 are not in work. In comparison: in Germany, three out of a hundred have no job and youth unemployment is at 5.6 percent. Also: many Greeks are unable to afford a fairly carefree life on the benefits they receive from the social system. Hence, some do not switch the heating on in winter in spite of very low temperatures, do not use all rooms in their home, maybe they don’t have electricity or they eat as little as possible to save cost. The help of our wortundtat partner Hellenic Ministries (HM) is aimed at those, who in spite of their attempts to live frugally are unable to make ends meet.

HM has been offering support to people in Athens, who do not receive any other help, since the beginning of the 1980ies. If at first, their work targeted above all the homeless, impoverished Greeks and non-integrated East Europeans, the range of beneficiaries has steadily widened over the past years. In the meantime, aid is also given to refugees who on their way to Central Europe have been stranded in Athens. Since 2015, an HM team has been looking after an area in a suburb of Athens, which is predominantly occupied by Roma.

Relationship work forms the basis of all help

The offers of our partner are based on the idea that every person in need shall be given the opportunity to be perceived with his or her peculiarities and needs. Hence, helpers invest a lot of time to build a relationship with those who are looking for support. According to their own requirements, helpers want to convey to those seeking help that that they are a valuable, loved creation, for example

  • by letting them experience that somebody devotes time to them,
  • by encouraging them with a little gesture, a kind word or a hug and
  • by giving them the opportunity to speak about questions relating to meaning and faith.

wortundtat helps its partner in the areas of