A machine for drilling wells, workers, blue plastic pipes inserted into the borehole

29. September 2022

29. September 2022


Water for KIUMA – three new wells will supply the facilities in Tanzania


Holes for three new wells have been drilled on the large KIUMA site in recent weeks. The two holes used so far had proved to be too small over the years. Time and time again, there had been problems with the water supply in the past. The new holes have a larger diameter. In the future, they will ensure that the approximately 1,800 people who live and work on the site and a few hundred residents from the neighbouring village have safe access to water in the coming years. A third well was built slightly farther away from the residential and commercial buildings. We will use the water from this well for a farming project that will start up in the coming months. Stay posted. We’ll soon have news about this project.

KIUMA – A lot of work until the water flows

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