Wort und Tat
Allgemeine Missions-Gesellschaft e. V.
Postfach 110111, D-45331 Essen
Deichmannweg 9, D-45359 Essen
Telefon: ++49-201-67 83 83
Registergericht: Amtsgericht Essen-Borbeck
Registernummer: VR 261


Managing board:

Heinrich Deichmann, Essen (Chairman)
Susanna Deichmann, Essen (Vice chairman)
Dr. Raimund Utsch, Marl (Vice chairman)
Ulrich Effing, Marl
Bernd van de Sand, Essen
Dr. Thomas Schmidt, Dietzhölztal


Declaration of the advisory boards:

We feel closely connected to “wortundtat, Allgemeine Missions-Gesellschaft e. V.; we are involved in their missionary work and we know its board of directors. The board of directors manages the work with Christian responsibility, it is fully committed and acts on a voluntary basis.


All funds, which have been made available to “wortundtat” will be used exclusively to spread the gospel and to help people in need. The administrative costs will be kept as low as possible. Wort und Tat is a member of the Association of Evanglical Missions (AEM).
wortundtat is a mission and relief organisation, which has our full confidence and which we recommend unrestrictedly.

Jürgen Blunck, Essen
Karl-Heinz Ehring, Essen
Dieter Kohl, Dülmen
Ulrich Parzany, Kassel
Prof. Dr. Dr. Roland Werner, Marburg


Texts, pictures

Thomas Brand – brand-kommunikation / Rüdiger Fessel / Daniel Parzany / wortundtat


Implementation & technical support:

Sechtemer Str. 5
50968 Köln

wortundtat thanks you for your friendly support.