Data protection

Data Privacy Statement

Data security and data management

wortundtat only collects personal data from donors and interested parties, which are required for the purpose of obtaining and administering donations, for processing of enquiries or for dispatching newsletters.

For example, we need your full address to enable us to send you an annual charitable donation certificate.

Pursuant to the Federal Data Protection Act, we are also permitted to use your address details to send you information on our non-profit making and charitable work. However, we ensure you that your data will only be processed for purposes associated with the wortundtat organisation.

We neither sell nor lease addresses of donors or supporters to other companies or other (like-minded) organisations.

However, it is a matter of course that you have the right to block the delivery of further information material or newsletters and to object to the use of your address for wortundtat purposes.

In order to be able to fulfil our tasks we have to cooperate with service providers, who, for this purpose, might also be provided with personal data. These service providers are bound by contractual agreement concluded with wortundtat and may only use personal data, which they receive in this context, for the purpose specified.

wortundtat sends a cookie for internal statistical analyses, for example to count the number of hits on our webpage.


Online services

If you use our personalised online services, for example for subscribing to the online newsletter, for making online donations or for sending us an enquiry or message via our web forms, we will ask you to provide us with your name and other personal details, we need for this purpose.

However, we will only use your email address for purposes pursued by the wortundtat organisation. During payment transactions, your data will be conveyed to us in accordance with current security standards in order to exclude unauthorised access by third parties.

We store your data on especially protected servers. Access to these servers is only granted to a small number of authorised people, who are all familiar with the relevant data protection regulations and who have been bound to comply with these.


Online Newsletter

We pay particular attention to the security and the protection of data provided by newsletter recipients. In order to ensure security and protection, wortundtat might be required to forward your personal data to external service providers for further data processing.

These service providers will have been instructed to despatch the newsletter to your address.

wortundtat obliges its external service providers to process your personal data exclusively in conformity with our provisions and in agreement with this Data Privacy Statement and the Federal Data Protection Act.


IP number

In order to visit www pages, it is essential to register the IP number.

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g. computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication and consists of four numeric pads, which are separated by dots.

In most cases, you, as a private user, will not use a permanent IP address, as your provider will only allocate it to you temporarily for one session. Nevertheless, in case of statistical IP addresses it is possible in principle to clearly assign user data via this characteristic.

However, we never use any data with regard to personal information; we only analyse on an anonymous basis, which of our websites is particularly popular, how many people access our pages each day or something similar.


Safe and secure donations

Your donation is transmitted safely and securely via the SSL Secure Server. Please always fully complete the form. Prior to debiting your account with your online donation, we will send you a confirmation by email.

It is not possible for unauthorised persons to access your data. Your data will be exclusively conveyed to us in encoded form.


The SSL Secure Server

The secure transmission of data is of the utmost importance with regard to online donations. In order to secure that data is transmitted to us securely and in encoded form, your online donation will be processed via an SSL Secure Server.

Hence, when you enter your confidential bank details in our form and transfer these via SSL, they will be securely transmitted by the Client (i.e. from the web browser)to the server. By using SSL, a communication channel will be built between the web browser and the server, which blocks any intrusion by third parties.

Once this link has been established, your information can be transmitted without unauthorised third parties gaining access.


Data protection and use of Facebook Plugins

Our website uses programmes of the social network, which are called social plugins (“Plugins”).

The network “Facebook” is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA.

The plugins are marked with a Facebook logo or the addition “Like”.

If you visit our webpage and call up a website, which contains such a “plugin”, your browser will establish a direct link with the Facebook servers.

In doing so, the content of the plugin will be transmitted to your browser, which will integrate it into the website.

Based on this action, Facebook will receive the information that you have visited our webpage.

If you are registered by Facebook via your personal user account, Facebook will be able to assign the visit to our webpage via Facebook to your Facebook account. Your browser is also able to transmit the relevant information to Facebook and to store it there if you interact with the Plugin by clicking on the “Like” button or if you leave a comment.

Clicking on the “Like” button or making a comment is published on Facebook and shown to third parties – possibly also outside your profile.


Terms of use

1. BDSG and other legal provisions

The processing of your personal data, which has been made available to wortundtat, is predominantly regulated by the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), the Telemedia Act (TMG) and, if applicable, by the Telecommunications Act (TKG) as defined in their prevailing versions. According to these, the collection, processing, usage and transfer of data (hereinafter called use of data) is admissible if it is permitted by the BDSG or another legal provision or if the person concerned has given his or her consent.


2. Updating these terms of use

Due to constant technical and legal changes, we have to amend and/or update the following terms of use from time to time. We would therefore ask you to check prior to each use of our website, when the latest new version was put on our website.


3. Copyright and other industrial property rights

All contents of our website, including texts, pictures, graphics, audio and video files – unless expressly stated otherwise – are our property. Without our consent, these copyright protected contents may only be used for private, i.e. not for public or commercial purposes (downloads, copies). Any changes, translations or other editing of the contents require the prior written agreement of wortundtat.

Any unauthorised use or misuse of all registered brands and logos of wortundtat is prohibited.

We would like to point out that any breach of our copyright or other industrial property rights may entail civil and/or penal judicial consequences.


4. Disclaimer

Our websites may include hyperlinks to external websites of other providers. wortundtat has no knowledge of the contents of external websites and does not assume any guarantee or liability for any illegal contents or other law infringements on websites of external providers.

The information on this website has been compiled and checked with great care. Nevertheless, we cannot assume any responsibility for its up-to-dateness, correctness completeness and / or quality.

This website serves to provide general information and does by no means replace professional advice. wortundtat does not assume any responsibility for actions carried out on the basis of on this website.

The use of this website and the downloading of data are carried out at the user’s own risk. wortundtat does not assume any responsibility for any damage, which might occur because of this action, in particular in respect of data stock and hardware and / or software of the user.


5. Contacting wortundtat or questions on data protection

Should you have any questions you would like to ask wortundtat or any questions concerning our Data Privacy Statement, please write to:

Allgemeine Missions-Gesellschaft e. V.
Deichmannweg 9
D-45359 Essen

Or send an email, writing Data protection into the subject line, to