Nursing education

To help oneself and others: Nursing school are a source of hope

In Central Europe, not having enough staff to work in hospitals is an obvious and much discussed subject. However, countries such as India or Tanzania need nurses and nursing staff at least as urgently as we do. India alone has a shortage of nursing staff of almost 2 million. However, compared to our standards, it has far too few training places. This has dramatic consequences: In particular in rural areas, suitable places, ambulant or at hospitals, are more than sparse. If a patient really cannot do without medical treatment, they or their relatives often have to walk or drive extremely long distances.

This could be different. Increasingly more parents know that a vocational education is a good path for their children to escape poor living conditions. And in many cases children are wishing for nothing more than to get the opportunity of learning the skills of this sometimes very difficult, but fulfilling job. However, their home region and the lack of training places are not the only obstacles young people face when looking for a training opportunity. Often they are disadvantaged because of their parents’social status, a lack of funds to pay for their training or their gender. Girls are particularly discriminated against.

That is why wortundtat supports several facilities for training nursing staff. The training places of our wortundtat partner AMG in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh and of KIUMA in Southern Tanzania are very much sought after. They give in particular disadvantaged young people the opportunity to use the knowledge they obtained to organise their own life. Using these skills, they contribute to help the people back home and to make the entire region fit for the future. In doing so, future generations are given the confidence to lead an agreeable and secure life.

You would like to give young people and their relatives hope?

Your donation – however small – can make a difference.Please donate once or on a regular basis, for example:

  • 20 € … will pay for the school books of one nursing student for one term.
  • 40 € … will pay for the uniforms of two nursing students for one year.
  • 100 € … will pay for the complete boarding school place of a nursing student for four months.

If you would like to support our project, please make a donation and state Nursing Student as the reference.

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