Medical Care


Please help to treat people at the KIUMA Hospital

Every day, people form long queues in front of the KIUMA Hospital to wait for their treatment. Currently, the hospital is treating about 38,000 outpatients per year. Most of the patients suffer from malaria, respiratory diseases and pneumonia. The number of HIV infections and AIDS patients is also significantly higher than in Germany for example. Many patients can be helped by being given treatment and the right medicine.

There are hardly any facilities provided by the state health system in a radius of about 70 kilometres around KIUMA. The so-called health centres in some villages are only insufficiently equipped and medicine is difficult to get hold of. Sometimes, the few people who work here cannot even cope with or provide treatment for the simplest of illnesses – and in any case, many patients just do not have the money to pay for it. Hence, for about 70,000 people of the region, the KIUMA Hospital is the only place to go to when they need medical aid and assistance.

You can support wortundtat in its efforts!

Treating an outpatient or diagnosing an illness costs on average about 8 Euros.

If you would like to help us to provide medical care for the people around KIUMA then please make a donation for one or several treatments, using the reference “KIUMA Hospital”. Each donation will be passed on in full to the people who need it.

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