KIUMA – school fees


Education is the starting short for a new life

The south of Tanzania is extremely underdeveloped and one of the poorest region of the country, if not of the entire continent. Most people have long resisted accepting any kind of progress. Most of them live of farming, for which they use the simplest tools. Often they just harvest enough to feed their own family.

What we understand by education has hardly featured in their lives. For a long time schools were ignored altogether. This attitude is slowly changing. In most cases, however, families cannot afford the school fees for clothing, learning material, accommodation and meals.

In KIUMA, wortundtat is a taking over the costs for many of the 680 pupils, giving them the chance to obtain the most important qualification on their way to a new life: the basic knowledge for starting an apprenticeship as a nurse, joiner or bricklayer. People with these skilled are desperately needed in the region.

Please make a donation for one of these young people, using the reference “KIUMA School fees” – as a one-off payment or on a regular basis.

17 € per month are enough! It just needs 204 Euro to finance the school attendance for a pupil for a whole year.


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