Breaking through the circle of child labour

Child labour! In Central Europe, most people are terrified by the thought alone to let their children do hard physical work. Anybody doing this would quickly be labelled as a “bad parent”. However, in India, hundreds of thousands would have this label attached to them: about 15 percent of children between five and fourteen living there, have to work to increase their family’s income – among other in stone quarries, carpet factories or in cotton fields. But hardly any of them have parents who couldn’t care less or who even intend ill will. Normally they are driven by hardship and the worry to starve.

This is a merciless circle: parents have no school education; they want to survive and they need every Rupee. However, in the short term, reading, writing and doing the maths do not bring in any money. As a result, children have to work to help the family to make ends meet. At the same time, reading, writing and doing the maths would be a way out as these skills provide young adults with good opportunities on the Indian labour market and a chance to escape from the life of a day labourer.

wortundtat runs a school near the stone quarries of Yeleswaram, where children of the quarry workers and children of residents of the small town are taught. Godparents from Europe fund their school education; sponsorships are not allocated to one single child but to a place in a certain class. Once a year, godparents or sponsors receive a photo of the class they support.

Why we do it this way?

Some answers:

  • There are no conflicts between pupils, as all children receive the same support from their godparents.
  • If a sponsorship comes to an end, another godparent will quickly step in to make up the difference.
  • All sponsorships can be administered and managed at a very low cost.


You can make children the gift of a chance!

You would like to support this project on a regular basis? Many people have already adopted such a class sponsorship and support us regularly with a fixed amount. By paying 24 Euro per month, you too can ensure a place at school for a new child.

I want to help regularly

You do not want to make a monthly commitment or maybe you want donate a smaller amount? The poor are grateful for any donation, however small.

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