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Relieving hardship with wortundtat

Sometimes – in particular in India – help is needed to initially just secure survival. In these cases the principle of “Help to help themselves” has to come second.

Widows and orphans, surviving dependants of AIDS patients and relatives of long-term prisoners

For example, sometimes families come to us, whose breadwinner has committed suicide – in most cases because a poor harvest has destroyed his livelihood and he does not know how to feed his family during the coming months, leaving behind wife and children, who now have to cope on their own.

However, there are also AIDS orphans – children, whose father or mother were infected with HIV and died. Perhaps the children are infected themselves – often they are not even aware of this. HIV infected children only have very few prospects, they are often ostracised and have to depend on hand-outs.

Wives and children of  long-term prisoners too need short-term help. When the breadwinner is incarcerated for an uncertain period and the family is even forced to pay penalties or debts, they are often suffering real hardship.
In all these cases, relief is at hand thanks to the support of wortundtat. Many hundred people in this situation are regularly provided with clothing, food or simply a cheque, which they can use to get the necessary essentials.

Staying power helps the helpless

And occasionally we hear about positive developments: people who have been supported by wortundtat over many years tell us that a son or a daughter has found a job and that the family no longer requires support. This vindicates our intention to make our help also available in years and decades to come.

The Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 25.35 says: “For I was hungry, and you gave me food to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me drink”. As an aid organisation based on Christian belief, wortundtat regards this quotation from the Bible as an obligation. And with comparatively modest means, we are able to help people to come through these seemingly desperate times.

You can support wortundtat in helping the poor!

wortundtat supports an Indian family with two to three children without a breadwinner with about 30 Euro a month. If you want to help funding this project, you can make a donation as a one-off payment or as a regular monthly offering. Please state “First Aid India” as reference.

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