Feeding the poor


One warm meal a day

According to the national office of statistics of the Republic of Moldova, the current minimum subsistence level is EUR 86.65 Euro per month. In 2010, the average monthly income was about EUR 83.00. Most pensioners in “Europe’s poor house” have even less money to spend. Unfortunately, the cost of living does not abide by such statistical figures. This puts in particular the elderly in a position where they have to choose between eating and paying for other urgently needed essentials, such as rent, electricity or medical expenses.

This situation explains why so many come to the meals we offer the poor in the Medical-Diaconal Centre Gloria in Ceadîr Lunga. Each day, the Centre prepares about 150 meals for those in need. About 45 guests, most of them elderly women, come to the Centre to have at least one good meal a day. All other meals are distributed outside the Centre.

You can help to ensure that the 45 visitors of the Centre have at least one satisfying meal a day.

Ingredients and preparation of lunch

for ten people cost ca. EUR 6.66 or EUR 30.00 for the entire group.

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