End-of-life care


Final support – Hospice provides rooms for dignified dying in Ceadîr Lunga

For many people, the dying process is associated with severe physical and emotional pain. In particular, when their prior medical care had been inadequate, which is still frequently the case in Moldova.  Those, for whom painkillers are not available in sufficient quantities or who have been prescribed drugs that are not strong enough, suffer the most.

How good it is when people in these final hours, days or weeks are not completely left on their own. How comforting when others provide loving care, relieve pain, listen and empathise. The fact that many elderly people in Moldova cannot rely on this, makes the newly opened hospice in Ceadîr Lunga so urgently necessary. And because Christian charity and love is the motivation for the helpers of the Project Gloria, the house can – in both senses of the word – become the final support for many.

The country’s public health insurance pays about 13 Euro per patient/per day – this covers about two thirds of the treatment costs. However, this amount only applies if the dying person had been insured. Housewives and unemployed people for example get nothing; a fate shared with many others.

We ask you to help financing end-of-life care in Moldova.

Please donate EUR 6.50, once or as a regular payment.

– This is the amount the health insurance does not cover in case of ensured people. This helps us to provide a day’s care. Experience has shown that the average stay in a hospice is between two and four weeks.

You can use the following account details – reference “hospice” – to support our cause:

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