Drilling Wells


Over 7 million Indians are still without access to clean drinking water

According to the World Bank, access to clean drinking water has significantly improved on the Indian subcontinent over the past 15 years. Hence, in 2015, about 94 percent of all Indians had adequate access to drinking water. However, in many cases such safe sources are still a long way off Central European standards. Only a small number of households enjoy running water. Others have to rely on public taps, boreholes, safe wells or rainwater harvesting systems. There are still six percent of Indians (about 7.2 Mio.), who do not have such options. This is particularly true for people living in rural areas. They fetch water for example from simple tankwagons or open waters.

This significantly favours the transmission of diseases. This affects in particular people with a weakened immune system: children under five, the elderly and the malnourished. Almost every fifth contagious disease in India is attributable to polluted water. Quite often, these diseases are fatal.

You can help to provide a small village community with access to clean water.

A manually operated pump, with which groundwater can be drawn from some meters depth, is an important step in the right direction towards clean drinking water even in remote regions. AMG, the wortundtat partner in India,has been supplying small villages in rural areas of the Federal State of Andhra Pradesh with such pumps for some years; it also drills the required wells. However, in 2015, extremely low rainfalls caused the groundwater level to fall even further. Due to the fact that one has to drill deeper now to reach groundwater, the costs for building wells also rise.

If you would like to help us to achieve this goal, the people in the Indian villages will be grateful for any amount you donate.

About EUR 700 are needed for each well.

This amount can only be raised by one single donor in exceptional cases. But what about getting together with friends and collecting a share of the amount needed.

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