Who we are

“You can either run away or stay and help!” For shoe retailer Dr. Heinz-Horst Deichmann (†), meeting leprosy sufferers in India was the catalyst for setting up the Christian Aid Organisation wortundtate.V.[/caption]

Over the years, all principles have proven to be successful. Hence, experts for development assistance time and again have described wortundtat’s approach as exemplary.

Our projects

  • 1977: Dr. Heinz-Horst Deichmann establishes the Christian Aid Organisation wortundtat as the German partner organisation of AMG India.
  • ca. 1980: Cooperation starts with the partner Hellenic Ministries in Greece.
  • 1996: wortundtat and its partner KIUMA start work in Tanzania.
  • 2006: wortundtat supports the diaconal facility of its partner Gloria in Moldova.
  • 2009: wortundtat and its partner star in the North take up work in Dortmund’s Nordstadt.