Secondary school

The first secondary school far and wide

In order to provide permanent help and improvement, KIUMA built – with financial aid of the BONITA foundation – a secondary school as a boarding school. About 800 pupils learned and lived here at the beginning of 2010. Here, the young people not only follow a traditional curriculum, they also learn simple methods to improve agricultural yields in the school’s own garden: many school leavers will later grow their food on their own field. The first pupils of the final term celebrated their A-levels at the beginning of 2010. Given the fact that its graduates achieve good examination results in national comparison, the school has become well known beyond the district.

Apart from its engagement for its own secondary school, wortundtat has been involved in the construction of nine other schools in the villages of Tunduru – according to the motto: when villages cannot manage with their own means, KIUMA is there to help them.