Social issues


Urgently needed: food, clothing, warmth

No less important than medical is social aid, without which many of the old and sick residents of Ceadîr Lunga would hardly be able to survive. The start was made by the diaconal centre itself: about 70 warm meals are prepared in the kitchen of the centre and distributed to visitors or sent to people who are unable to come themselves. A clothing store distributes blankets and clothing to people in need. This facility is used by about 50 people a week.

Since setting up the centre, social activities have significantly expanded: in 2009, an old kindergarten could be turned in to an emergency shelter for about 20 homeless, mainly alcohol-dependent men. Beds, wardrobes and chairs came from Germany. Two showers, toilets, heating, drainage, kitchen to reheat food and electric equipment was installed although the tough negotiations with the administration concerning the use of the building were still going on. The first residents moved in during the winter of 2009/2010. Only a year later, in winter 2011/2012 the house, with its 33 residents, had almost reached its capacity limit – and so many more places are needed. Strict rules and tightly monitored care helps them to find their way out of their addiction.

Apart from that, following the renovation of a flat, donated by an old lady, poor women are able to escape the cold of their homes during the winter months. Space was extremely tight in winter 2011/2012: instead of the six to seven residents, for whom the flat had been planned, 13 people found temporary shelter.