Project overview


Helping, where help is needed

The work of wortundtat in the Republic of Moldova is in its infancy: at the Gloria Centre and with the help of an ambulatory nursing service, patents are examined and treated. The hungry get free meals and the needy get clothes or blankets from the clothing store. Facilities are provided for the homeless, which will give them protection during the cold season and apart from that, a reliable daily routine. Kindergartens and other educational facilities are repaired with the help of wortundtat. The extension of the centre and of the aid provided is intensively supported by Germany. Up to five times a year, a large HGV of another aid organisation starts its journey to the region. Voluntary helpers transport among others food, clothing, medical equipment and supplies, furniture for the diaconal ward and the schools made available by wortundtat and distribute them locally. wortundtat and Gloria offer help to the people in Ceadîr Lunga and surroundings, independent of their status or their religious conviction.

The following pages give an overview of the services, that wortundtat provides in the various areas: